Spoof of the lovely Kukus-bukus Ad of ICICI Bank.
Original Ad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yX45sau4EHM&feature=related

Spoof of the lovely Kukus-bukus Ad of ICICI Bank.

Original Ad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yX45sau4EHM&feature=related

"Just 2 minutes"

Ever wondered what can happen in 2 minutes. Think a while, practically you’ll probably come up with something like you can actively scroll around 15 channels on a TV or can have a quick tele conversation with your ‘parents’ or you can solve a series of mathematical calculations or you can check the notifications on your facebook account or the most popular pseudo phenomenon-you can prepare a maggi. Agreed!

Now lets talk about some other ‘relevant’ everyday activities that we voluntary or involuntary commit to in 2 minutes. A normal average grade student can write an extra paragraph in an exam provided he is given an extension of 2 minutes. Interestingly, the same guy if somehow is sitting in a semester exam of engineering can ‘apparently’ attempt 2 more questions in ‘just’ 2 extra minutes. If you are running late to the office you can ‘certainly’ be at your workstation in 2mins, how far you may be, distance becomes a constant, your 150cc bike becomes a concorde. And yes, if the young blood gets a call from a girl, say his girlfriend in the making..he can sprint across the college campus with a nescafe is one hand and a on call ‘support’ phone in other in 120 secs..ah ok 2mins. It’ll be an injustice if I do not mention that even the ‘queen’ of trendsetting fashion amongst her buddies can get ready in only 2 mins provided her ‘caretaker’ is waiting :)

I tried to reason this practically unrealistic ‘2mins’ funda. I scribbled some thoughts and found that even a genuine scribbling isn’t possible in 2mins. So, what is the inspiration or say ‘motivation’ behind committing 2mins to something, or is it sheer carelessness. Have you wondered why no one ever questioned you on your commitment of 2 minutes, even though you and the other party know that 2mins will never come. Perhaps, because 2 minutes has become a ‘synonym’ for ASAP, though only in oral communication. It is like that the other party supports the spirit of your commitment by ignoring ‘2mins’. 2mins has over the time become a tested and trusted slang which is used in lieu of ‘please shut up’ but very decently. You say 2mins and a wave of calmness sweeps inside the person before you (i think so), but he instantly becomes mum. Your purpose solved. Why do taxi chaps and passengers generally argue. Remember your own experiences. A taxi driver or a bus driver for that matter will seldom tell you ‘2mins’. They’ll tell you approximately the exact time they would take. But, this also they don’t commit. But, we ‘normal urban workloaded’ human beings want to listen ‘2mins’ else our heart starts beating like an engine piston. We are afraid of getting late but equally slothful to start early. Why can’t we tell someone the approximate time we require for an activity, travel, task etc instead of 2mins ?

I think the several unsolicited ‘gifts’ we received by being a part of urban society has eventually lead to this funny and thought provoking phenomenon. Be it ego, competition, over confidence, appraisal or simply workload. An intelligent human being seldom thinks before committing ‘2mins’ and technically proves himself to be an idiot, not before other people, perhaps not before anyone.

As I observe in the backdrop of the Indian IT industry, the top guns and veterans certainly know and understand the actual ‘2mins’. Might be this is the genesis of ‘risk raising’ sessions that happen in almost every workplace and there interestingly every committed chap ditches his ‘2mins’. For the only reason that given a chance we always sincerely endeavor to save your asses but not until the fire breaks out.

On a lighter note, some maths maniacs might love 2mins thinking that against all ‘odds’ this multiple of 2mins will definitely work!

Do comment on the thought, and yes, how long it took you to read it - 2 mins ??

Afterword: This thought is inspired from an incident today where my colleague committed 2 minutes for a task and I started counting :)

'Herd' of Intelligent Humans

I generally do not look around while travelling. Mostly I focus my eyes on my kindle or simply go in hibernation. But today I was not in a very much sound mood, probably because of a tiring morning flight. Reading felt like an activity, sleep was in the eyes but couldn’t be materialized. I was seeing the panoramic view of Bangalore from my cab’s big windows. I wasn’t thinking. The scenes, vehicles, people, living, non- living just passed by unable to strike a string of my anesthetic mind. But then after sometime I saw a ‘herd’ infact many, walking towards a set destination. They seemed to be programmed or inspired by ant families or simply ‘zombified’. Thanks to the morning traffic jam which allowed me to figure out that the ‘herd’ was of IT employees headed towards a multinational just across the road. Name isn’t important. The scene instantly struck like caffeine and I was reminded of an analogous scene I used to see bi-monthly. It was the time I used to travel from home to the university hostel. From Chandigarh to Amritsar. While passing Jalandhar bypass I used to see many workers, perhaps daily wagers, perhaps migrants marching towards some factory.

I was tempted to compare the two theoretically disconnected realms. The only physical difference I saw were branded bags instead of ‘jholas’. Also there were plugged in touchscreens and qwertys paralleling the 1100s. Still the basic remains the same. Both had a phone to converse. Indeed a laborer earns a ‘peanut’ as compared to a skilled engineer’s take home but again I could see similar thoughts of tension, irritation surfacing on their faces. And yes one thing that I think some will agree. Both of these ‘species’ seldom wished to become what they are. Perhaps it was the zeal to grab an easy earning option that dragged ‘intelligent’ human beings to engineering. Certainly not the case with workers. But the element of hope is prevalent equally in both. Both work hard, slog hours hoping to get a better incentive. Motivations might be different. But eventually you realize that you can earn many folds by just running behind girls without a shirt, Salman Khan is an example. Migrants, yes this is one more thing to tickle the counter. A massive migration even leading to change of hometown is common in both professions. Finding a bihari in ludhiana is as common as sighting a sardarji in chennai. All of them heightening the ‘adaption index’ of humans. I did really saw a sardarji talking to his son in marathi at a punjabi dhaba in Pune. What a diversity!

Jokes apart, but what seemed to be a genuine intention behind becoming a member of some elite ‘herd’ is the hope for convergence of happiness and money. Infact the former getting derived from the latter. But, call it a common man’s distant horizon. These two are like asymptotes, they’ll tease you by seeming to overlap but never will.

Ah..my cab stopped. The hotel is here. See you guys..time to be a part of the ‘herd’.

Signing off..

A Repost-Here I am

Yo Guys..its been way too long I wrote something. However, the spirit of writing is still alive and hopefully I’ll continue this time. So, here I am in Pune aka Poona aka Punyanagri living off mutiple lives of a software engineer, a nature lover, a traveler, a humorist and a drunkard :P

I just love this city. With one of best weather I have seen it steals the show with its close proximity to hills and occasionally one can perform “Aati Kya Khandala” kinda stuff.

I happen to be in the best part the city called Magarpatta..self proclaimed as “the pride of pune” however there are other things in Pune to be proud of…

I made some good friends in Pune..always ready to pull off to any movie, outing, sip n dine. They keep my weekends working :D

I never felt that I have shifted base to a place with different culture, language, dining unless I encountered puneites unusual obsession for ‘Pav’. Believe me or not if you are in Pune..you can be offered to eat anything with ‘Pav’ - a kind of bread.

If I don’t talk about the Rains in Pune..probably I would be earning disgrace of the ‘rain god’.

One might be able to predict his death but but but…he can’t predict rains out here. You can have a natural shower outside anytime..absolutely unprecedented. For occasional bath takers like me its a boon, for others its Pune ;)

Buses..ya the public transport system in Pune rules the roads..Bus drivers don’t think the road belongs to their dad (unke baap ki to sound more desi) rather, they assume the road belongs to them! They can beat any ferrari or Lambo in speed and any blueline in accidents!

Restaurants, discs, cafes etc constitute the other side of Pune. You can have a hell lot of fun and frolic with ur mates, relish good food and liquor in the madhushalas (pubs/cafes to sound modern). Students can be found in large numbers in these places making me think that a genuine study about drinking age determination can be done here!

With all this and much more Pune enjoys the status of being the just about perfect place in India to live, work & study with the cover of nature and thrill of ‘signature’ ;)

signing off!

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